Abbey Presbyterian Church, Parnell Square North, Dublin 1, Co. Dublin, Ireland.

Resource Service For June 21st

Welcome to our on-line resource for Sunday 21/6/2020

Thank you for joining us, the best way to use this resource is to scroll down and use the words, prayers and videos in order, this creates something like our own church service-we hope that it will be of use to you in your own home as we experience these unprecedented measures during the pandemic which has become widespread across the world.  May God Bless and Be with you as we share together though apart.
Our Church stands at the top of O’Connell Street in Parnell Square Dublin 1
Normally we open our doors to members, tourists, visitors and friends at 11am every Sunday.
We look forward to returning to our usual place of worship. We now have a task group working on the guidelines and measures to be taken for when our church re-opens as a meaningful and safe gathering. Please pray for this planning and be ready to take your part in the work we do together. You will be kept updated as to when we are able to open Abbey and how it will happen.
For now, though apart, we are  united with God who is beyond our buildings and draws us in fellowship through the Holy Spirit.


Throughout 2020 we are following a series on the Psalms-
Today we turn our attention to Psalm 96.
The Psalm continues a mini-series focusing on Praising God.
We are considering the Beauty of God.
Gathering Prayer 
Sing to the Lord a new song.
Sing to the Lord, all the whole earth.
Sing to the Lord and bless his name;
proclaim the good news of his salvation from day to day.
Declare his glory among the nations
and wonders among all the peoples.
 Praise: Praise my soul the King of Heaven
God, you are mighty:
we see your handiwork in all the beauty of creation:
the crashing seas speak of your power,
the beautiful skies speak of your peace,
the stunning sunrise speaks of your hope.
God you are with us:
we see your face in the faces around us:
the face of a friend speaks of your humanity,
the tears on a face speak of your compassion,
the laughter of a child speaks of your joy.
We praise you that you are great,
and yet you share yourself with us:
your reveal yourself  in the beauty,
you come close to us through the people we meet.
Thank you, almighty and incarnate God.
Music: ‘This Is My Father’s World’. (From our friends Matt and Lisa, with thanks) 

Father, you have made us members of your family, the church.
Help us to serve and care for one another cheerfully,
so that we can show your love to others.
Creator and Father of all- bring us closer together in love.

Father, you have made us parents and grandparents,
sisters and brothers and sons and daughters in a human family.
Help us to grow in trust and understanding,
so that through each other we may see your love.
Creator and Father of all- bring us closer together in love.

Father, you have made us part of a worldwide family of many races and nations.
Help us to value and respect our differences,
so that together we may bring peace to your world.
Creator and Father of all-bring us closer together in love. Amen.

Loving God, Thankyou for fathers,for those who are trusted, kind and good influences in our lives. Thankyou for all we do learn from  fathers, in the knowledge that they, like us, are sometimes weak and sometimes strong. We pray for the all fathers who seek to live lives that are honourable in the lives they lead and in the protection of their families, we pray that they will know hope, strength and wisdom from You.  We thankyou for giving us families, for our own families, for the people who take care of us and for those we in turn take care of. As a Parent who feeds, nurtures and sustains their children, so You feed us with the rich food of your heavenly banquet. Help us, who have tasted your goodness, to grow in grace within the household of faith  through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Music: Dear Lord and Father of Mankind


You Are Handcrafted By God




Jesus First Miracle

John 2: 1-11 Read by Michelle a member of Abbey Congregation.

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Psalm 96 from the Message Translation. Read by Lessa a member of Abbey Congregation
Music : King of Kings
The Lord is king!
Let the earth rejoice. Lord, we see your glory,
we hear of your judgements,
we know that we have done evil in your sight.
We worship earthly images
and make idols of money, wealth and power.
Yet you say, ‘Let everyone who hears say, “Come”.’The Lord guards the lives of his faithful;
he rescues them.
Light dawns for the righteous,
and joy for the upright in heart.The Lord is king!
Let the earth rejoice.
God of beauty in our broken world,
help us to be transformers
mending shattered lives.
Help us to be restorers
bringing comfort and hope.
Help us to be accepters
finding peace in your love.
Praise with Alice and her family, members of Abbey Congregation



Rev Alan Boal



Response : When I survey the Wondrous Cross



Lord, draw close in your love.
We pray for all those who help us to see things differently, through their words and actions.
Lord, draw close in your love.
We pray for all those who struggle to find anything of beauty in their lives.
Lord, draw close in your love.
We pray for those who seek to show Jesus to the world.
Lord, draw close in your love.
We pray for those with power and influence over the lives of others.
Lord, draw close in your love.
We pray for those who need to know that you can make a difference to their pain, their sorrow, their fear.
Lord, draw close in your love.
We pray for those who walk in the shadow of death.
Lord, draw close in your love.


Music: Beauty for Brokeness (Prayer)

Jesus, Son of God, we pray for our world,
for those who hold power to make a difference
in the lives of the poor and voiceless…
Jesus, Son of God, give wisdom and courage,
and hear our prayer.

Lord, our God, we pray for the Church,
for those who are exploring faith
and for those who teach them…
Lord,our God give unity and peace,
and hear our prayer.

Jesus, Son of Man, we pray for those in need of healing and restoration…
for the bereaved, the sad,  lonley and who are experiencing difficulties
Jesus, Son of Man, give patience and light…
and hear our prayer.

Jesus, Lamb of God, we pray for ourselves,
for the things we worry about
and the people we care about…
Jesus, Lamb of God, give hope and understanding,
and hear our prayer.

Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be Your name, Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. For yours is the Kingdom, the power and the glory for ever and ever Amen


Closing Praise : Crown Him With Many Crowns


Teach us dear Lord to number our days;that we may apply our hearts to wisdom. Oh satisfy us early with Your mercy, that we may rejoice and be glad all our days. And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us; and establish the work of our hands: And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us: establish the work of our hands.
Let nothing disturb you.
Nothing frighten you,
All things are passing,
God never changes
Patient endurance attains all things
In nothing is wanting
Alone God is sufficient.
in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen

Let us pray for one another as we sing over each other with the Blessing.

(You may like to visualise the congregation sitting in Abbey church as you sing)