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Abbey Presbyterian Church, Parnell Square North, Dublin 1, Co. Dublin, Ireland.


From time to time you may want to seek one-to-one counselling, either to address a particular problem, to seek advice, or to receive spiritual guidance. There are a number of options available:

What counselling is

Counselling is a more focused form of care. If pastoral care deals with the ordinary and routine, counselling responds to a particular moment of crisis or to an ongoing issue that is negatively impacting your ability to function and flourish. By its nature it normally requires particular expertise and dedicated attention, the kind of skills that are best provided by trained and experienced counsellors.

Who provides counselling

At one level Abbey provides a ‘therapeutic community’ which can support and help people simply by being welcoming and restorative. Many professional counsellors (especially Christian counsellors) are increasingly recognising just how important this communal dimension is, so we can say that our corporate life provides a counselling aspect. Nevertheless, particular needs can require personal attention and expert discernment. The Minister can be a first point of contact and may be able to supply an appropriate level of counselling. After some discussion, the Minister can recommend professional counselling and suggest potential contacts. We do not operate such a service directly at Abbey but we do have a network of trained counsellors to whom we can make referrals. We should emphasise that it is always up to the individual person to pursue any contacts; you will not be forced to do anything and, should you decide to use one of these services, we will not expect you to report anything back to us.

How to access counselling

  • Contact your Cell Group Leader
  • Contact your Elder
  • Contact the Minister
  • Arrange to use the services of the Bellwether Centre in No.5 Gardiner Row (01-6217022)
  • Contact Lucan family Centre (01-6217022)
  • Contact PCI Counselling (048-92-610586)

Each of these services is run by fully trained and accredited counsellors and is Christian based. Each has its own financing arrangements and will inform you accordingly.