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Abbey Presbyterian Church, Parnell Square North, Dublin 1, Co. Dublin, Ireland.



The Abbey icon depicts a variety of circles arranged in a square, with some circles highlighting the cross running through the middle. It neatly encapsulates our core values and vision as a multi-ethnic cell church, located in Dublin’s Parnell Square, living in anticipation of and issuing an invitation to God’s resurrection hope of the New-Heavens-and-New-Earth to God’s glory!

Abbey Vision

By making God’s glory our pleasure we become a blessing to the City

Abbey Virtual Vision

When we draw a virtual reality image of what the future looks like:

  • We see a vibrant congregation of cross-generational, cross-cultural, self-replicating cells across Dublin, where members are passionate about God’s purpose to populate the New-Heavens-and-New-Earth with resurrected priest-kings who will exercise stewardship (so all creation flourishes) and who reflect creation’s praises (so God is glorified).
  • We see this movement radiating from Parnell Square and spreading throughout the city, Ireland and beyond, as people of every tongue, tribe and nation are introduced to the promise and prospect of resurrection life in the resurrected life of Jesus Messiah.
  •  We see this dynamic movement of God’s Spirit impacting our community through us: as we live in it and transform it through our deliberate involvement in its existing social networks and in our commitment to its growing arts culture.
  • Our desire in all of this is to bless the City by reflecting God’s Glory.

Abbey Mission Statement

Abbey exists to share God’s purpose, becoming more Christ-like as we go and show the Gospel to the City, inviting others to enjoy and thereby glorify God with us.

Abbey Strategy

To make God’s glory our pleasure and thereby bless Dublin.

We share God’s purpose as the community of faith –

  • By learning
    • through cross-generational and cross-cultural worship, discipleship and fellowship
    • through prayerful study of God’s Word
    • through playful responses to God’s purpose
  • By embracing
    • personally and corporately God’s purpose as our own
    • willingly and humbly God’s purpose as our priority
    • passionately and relentlessly God’s purpose for our welfare
  • By enjoying
    • the things that God enjoys and thereby glorify God publicly
    • creative ways to convey that joy to God and others

We share God’s purpose with the community nearby –

  • By going
    • around the community, knowing and becoming known
    • into the community, re/locating and taking a stake in its welfare
    • with the community, sharing their fears and hopes
  • By showing
    • a more accurate portrait of God
    • a more authentic community of faith
    • a more satisfying life now and forever
  • By inviting
    • through intercessory prayer
    • through personal invitation
    • through inter-church co-operation