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Abbey Presbyterian Church, Parnell Square North, Dublin 1, Co. Dublin, Ireland.

Culture Night September 22nd 2023

culture night

Abbey Presbyterian Church is a thriving inner city church, welcoming people from all around the world. Commonly known as ‘Findlaters,’ owing to Alexander Findlater’s gift of the church building to the congregation in 1864, the church is often thought to be closed. Enjoy this beautiful building, its people, music and a place of worship for almost 160 years. Music by members of the church, children’s picture treasure hunt, second-hand book sale, self-guided tour, learn about the building and on-going work to the iconic church spire and soak up the special atmosphere making this place very much an open church.

(Hidden fact about  in Abbey Presbyterian Church): 

Come and see our Tiatanic Memorial Plaque

Our memorial marks the loss of James Williams.

James worked for the postal and telegraph service (the Titanic was a Postal Ship)  Duty demanded that the operatives were held personally responsible for the loss of the Royal Mail.

As far as we can tell James could have escaped but duty led him to choose not to.