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Abbey Presbyterian Church, Parnell Square North, Dublin 1, Co. Dublin, Ireland.

Holy Week


Holy Week
“Sensing God” – through Easter
Venue: Abbey Church
Times: 7:00pm – 8:00pm


April 2 (Palm Sunday p.m.) “I Forgive You” God’s promise through the nails Ch.4 Evening Meditation

April 3 Monday EYE – See “I Will Speak to You in Your Language” Evening Meditation  God’s promise through the sign Ch.5

April 4 Tuesday EAR – Hear “I Will Bear Your Dark Side” God’s promise in the soldier’s  spit Ch.2 Evening Meditation

April 5 Wednesday NOSE – Smell “I Can Turn Your Tragedy Into Triumph” God’s purpose in the burial clothing Ch.13 Evening Meditation

April 6 Maundy Thursday MOUTH – Taste “I Understand Your Pain” God’s promise in the wine- soaked sponge Ch.10 Evening Meditation
Agape Meal Communion

April 7 Good Friday SKIN – Touch “I Invite You Into My Presence” God’s promise through the torn flesh   Ch.9  Day of Prayer Evening Meditation

April 8 Holy Saturday Silence